Best Men’s Yoga Mats to use at Home in 2021

    Best Men's Yoga Mats 2020

    Manduka Begin Yoga Mat

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    Toplus TPE Yoga Mat

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    XN8 Non-Slip Yoga Mat

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    Looking for a Men’s Yoga Mat for your home workout space?

    Yoga is a form of exercise that many men have not tried before. However, more and more are now performing yoga because it is well known for improving body posture, core strength and circulation. Whether you intend to do yoga at the gym, outdoors or at home, choosing a good quality yoga mat is paramount. Travel Gentlemen have curated three of the best Men’s Yoga Mats below…

    How is a Yoga Mat different from an workout mat?

    A Yoga Mat tends to be thinner when compared to an exercise mat. Yoga Mats provide minimal cushioning and are therefore, designed to be used for light exercises. 5-6 mm thickness is a good barometer for a durable Men’s Yoga Mat. However, if you suffer from pain ,especially on your knees and legs, a slightly thicker Yoga Mat might be the best option for you!

    Choosing the best Men’s Yoga Mat to use at home

    A majority of modern Yoga Mats are now made from eco-friendly materials. The use of sustainable materials for Yoga Mats means that plastics or PVC are not used in their production. In terms of durability, Yoga Mats made from natural rubber generally last longer than those made from cotton or hemp. Choosing the right size of Yoga Mat is vital too. The average length of a Yoga Mat is approximately 170 cm. However, if you are tall, we recommend you to pick Yoga Mats that are over 180 cm in length to allow you to stretch comfortably. Furthermore, line markings on Yoga Mats are an excellent additional feature that will help you, particularly if you are a beginner, find the right alignment and position when performing yoga. Grip is another factor to consider in selecting the best Yoga Mat for you. The better the grip, the more stable you are on the mat. Most Yoga Mats have non-slip, textured surfaces to assure you of a better grip and resilience. If you are the kind of guy who is always on the go, Men’s Yoga Mats are often lightweight and can be easily transported anywhere using a carry strap, thus making them travel friendly.


    Only £45.00

    What we like
    + Designed with alignment stripe for beginners
    + Comes with a textured grip side to prevent slipping
    + Light and easy to carry anywhere

    Dimensions: 172 mm x 61 mm
    Thickness: 5 mm
    Weight: 1.1 kg
    Material: Natural Tree Rubber


    Only £37.99

    What we like
    + Non-slip, double-layered design 
    + Eco-friendly, free from PVC and metals
    + Easily washed with water and soap

    Dimensions: 183 mm x 61 mm
    Thickness: 6 mm
    Weight: 1 kg
    Material: TPE (Eco-friendly rubber)


    Only £21.99

    What we like
    + Free Carry Bag and many colours available
    + Great cushioning and ideal for hard surface insulation
    + Comes with anti-tear and water-resistant surface

    Length: 183 cm
    Width: 61 cm
    Thickness: 6 mm
    Weight: 1.18 kg
    Material: PVC