Best Men’s Shaving Set to take on Holiday

    Best Men's Shaving Set

    Enjoy a luxurious wet shave with our picks for the best men’s Shaving Set

    As a man who is always on the move, you won’t always find the time to have a wet shave from start to finish. Even though traditional wet shave is often considered a treat, a lathered, close shave can immediately make you feel better about yourself. Travel Gentlemen truly believes that you should invest in a men’s Shaving Set that will make your grooming experience effortless and much, much more enjoyable.

    Why bother with a wet shave?

    If you can find the time, a wet shave should form part of your daily grooming routine. The purpose of a wet shave is to achieve the closest and smoothest finish possible. As a staple in your toiletry bag, you should use reliable shaving and grooming products. If you invest in a quality men’s Shaving Set, your morning rituals, which a wet shave may be a part of, could well become truly satisfying.

    Selecting the right Shaving Kit?

    The ideal Shaving Set should comprise of a stand that holds a razor, a shaving brush and a shaving bowl. Your stainless steel stand will not only provide a sophisticated look to your shaving kit, but also prevent rust and mould accumulation. The shaving razor is often a double edged, safety razor and should fit standard razor blades. The shaving brush, usually made from badger hair, is very effective in creating that rich shaving lather that can be achieved with either a shaving cream or soap. Finally, the shaving bowl should be made of stainless steel too, durable and therefore ideal for a wet shave wherever you may want to use it.

    Edwin Jagger Men's Shaving Set

    Only £62.32

    Edwin Jagger 4pc Imitation Ivory Shaving Set for Mach3 Blades S81M587BAMZ

    What we like
    + Easy grip and lightweight razor handle with genuine Gillette parts
    + Shaving brush made from 100% pure badger hair
    + Available in 3 colours

    Height of Stand: 14 cm
    Weight: 498 gm

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    Muisco Men's Essential Shaving Set

    Only £29.99

    Miusco Men's Wet Shaving Kit, 4 Piece, Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Hand Polished Stainless Steel Shaving Stand, Shaving Bowl & Safety Razor

    What we like
    + Shaving brush made of 100% pure badger hair
    + Safety razor holds standard double edged blades
    + Rust and mould resistant stand to hold the set together

    Height of Stand: 12 cm
    Weight: 720 gm

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    Zerodis Men's Shaving Kit

    Only £22.99

    4 in 1 Professional Men Manual Razor Set, Manual Razor Stainess Steel Stand Holder Shaving Brush and Bowl Set

    What we like
    + Lightweight wooden handle for razor
    + Badger hair shaving brush for excellent lather
    + Sturdy stand holds whole set together

    Height of Stand: 12 cm
    Weight: 222 gm

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