Best Men’s Pure Cashmere Scarves for travel in 2020

    Best Men's Pure Cashmere Scarves for travel in 2020

    Looking for a Pure Cashmere Scarf? Feel luxurious and stylish while travelling

    The smarter gentlemen often has a favourite suit and tie, matched perfectly with a warm coat and leather gloves. The perfect addition to the sophisticated winter look is a Pure Cashmere Scarf. Our recommendations for best men’s Pure Cashmere Scarves for travelling in 2020 will hopefully guide you toward the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    Why Cashmere?

    The word “cashmere” is often synonymous with luxury, quality and elegance. Cashmere is considered one of the most precious natural products used in clothing. Obtained from the neck of cashmere goats, its natural fine fibres give that soft and luxurious feel when you touch a Pure Cashmere Scarf. By its very nature, these scarves are very good in absorbing moisture. As it is deemed to be more insular compared to sheep’s wool, the Cashmere Scarf a perfect style travel accessory for all sorts of weather conditions. Furthermore, a Cashmere Scarf is lightweight, which makes it easy to pack with your other travel essentials.

    Selecting Pure Cashmere Scarves

    Travel Gentlemen has chosen options for Pure Cashmere Scarves. Many scarves currently available are either a mix of cashmere with other fabrics or ‘cashmere feel’ which is not cashmere at all! Finding the real deal can be quite a challenge which is why we have spent a little time choosing the best of the best. After all, the beauty of having pure cashmere is a guarantee of quality. Check out our three choices for the best men’s Pure Cashmere Scarves below, all available in different colours. One of them may just be the scarf you are looking for.

    Hugo Boss Men's Cashmere Scarf

    Only £179.00

    BOSS Mens T-Scottas 02 Scarf with fringed trim in Italian cashmere

    What we like
    + Classic style with 8 cm fringe
    + Embroidered with Hugo Boss logo
    + Available in 3 colours

    Dimensions: 180 cm x 32 cm
    Material: 100%, Pure Cashmere

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    Lovarzi Men's Pure Cashmere Scarf

    Only £79.99

    Cashmere Scarf Black - Mens and Womens Pure 100% Cashmere Scarves - Made in UK - Winter Scarfs for ladies

    What we like
    + Lightweight, perfect for travel
    + Simplistic design without logo
    + Available in 4 colours

    Dimensions: 170 cm x 25 cm
    Material: 100%, Pure Cashmere

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    Alberto Cabale Men's Cashmere Scarf

    Only £39.95

    ALBERTO CABALE Women Men Lovers Unisex Smooth Cashmere Scarf Super Soft Plaid Solid Wrap Shawl Scarf in Gift Box Black

    What we like
    + Packaged in a gift box, perfect for a gift
    + Embroidered with AC logo
    + Available in 8 colours

    Dimensions: 180 cm x 35 cm
    Material: 100%, Pure Cashmere

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