Best Men’s Rechargeable Beard Trimmers in 2021

    Best Men's Beard Trimmers in 2020

    Keeping your facial hair in check, home or away, with the best Men’s Rechargeable Beard Trimmers

    There’s no better way to change up your looks than by growing a beard. You do, however, need to maintain and keep it fashioned regularly which is why we are covering the best Men’s Rechargeable Beard Trimmers in 2020. As well as a shaving kit, a beard trimmer is a gentleman’s essential in facial hair care. Beard trimmers are very useful in keeping that stubble, or slightly longer facial hair, the coaching it needs. Well-known brands such as Braun, Philips and Remington have developed a vast array of Men’s Rechargeable Beard Trimmers to choose from. Whether you want to use it at home or whilst away on holiday, Travel Gentlemen have sourced three of the best in the bunch!

    Beard trimmers and electric shavers

    Every men’s facial hair is different. If you have facial hair that grows rapidly, even just overnight, and you want a clean shave, you are best with using an electric shaver. On the other hand, If you have less dense hair and would prefer to maintain stubble, a beard trimmer is your best call. Beard trimmers are designed to leave a decent yet clean length of facial hair. Essentially, keeping your beard in bounds is the goal of a quality beard trimmer. Looking great with a well-trimmed beard is not only satisfying but can give your skin and facial hair the TLC it requires.

    Choosing the right Beard Trimmer for you

    Selecting a rechargeable beard trimmer usually depends on what length of beard you want to achieve, how you intend to use it, is it for home use or travelling, amongst other things. 

    We recommend that your beard trimmer has multiple length settings depending on what desired length of facial hair you want to wear. The more length settings, the more versatile your beard trimmer is. If you are the kind of guy who travels a lot, you should go for a cordless, rechargeable beard trimmer. These trimming devices are often lightweight, equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that when fully charged can hold a charge of up to one month. A great number of beard trimmers can also function as an all-in-one trimmer. You can use it as a hair clipper to trim or cut body hair, nose hair or even the hair on your head. You just need to choose the right blades and length settings for each specific use. 

    Durability is another deciding factor. Men’s Rechargeable Beard Trimmers are often water-resistant (useful when performing a wet shave) and use stainless steel blades. Be aware that there are some beard trimmers that may need regular blade replacement. Even if it could cost you slightly more, it is definitely worth investing in a robust beard trimmer with extra accessories that can last you a long time. We have also selected beard trimmers that can be washed easily with running water, without damaging any of the parts.


    Only £78.61

    What we like
    + Ideal for trimming stubble
    + Motion sensistive, prepares for use
    + Remembers four previous length settings

    Charge Time: 4 hours
    Battery Life: 50 mins


    Only £50.93

    What we like
    + Perfect for precise edging and sharp lines
    + Lightweight, ideal for travel use
    + Easily cleaned and water-resistant

    Charging Time: 4 hours
    Battery Life: 60 minutes


    Only £36.99

    What we like
    + Ideal for beards, stubble, necklines and sideburns
    + Comfortable to use with non-slip grip
    + Quick charge function, ideal for last minute shave

    Charge Time: 1 hour
    Battery Life: 2 hours